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To Serveis Nàutics Llafranc we offer the possibility that gaudir can go to his vaixell in any village in the world.

Ens dedicated to trasllat per sea of vaixells de tota mena (iots, motors, sailboats, etc.)


Si per falta de temps o simplement perquè no li ve de gust una llarga navegació, no pot gaudir del seu vaixell en noves costes, nosaltres I will carry the boat to the destination that it is desitgi. Podreu estalviar temps traveling by plane and there to take advantage of the maximum of the seves vacances.


There is an infinity of our towns to discover. Imagineu-vos navegant per Menorca, Majorca, Eivissa, Formentera, Còrsega, Sardenya, Illes gregues, França Italia , Carib, Illes Canàries...


Dani Muñoz is the skipper who is dedicated to transfers, has a long experience in ocean navigation and throughout the Mediterranean. For more than 20 years, he has accumulated thousands of thousands of navigations in motorized vaixells. I also had a long trajectory with a boss in private iots.


It has fet various travessies of the Atlantic and is a connector of places like the Caribbean, Cap Verd, Illes Canàries, Illes Balears, Costa Brava, Costa Blava, Còrsega, Sardenya, Illa Eòliques, Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera, Monaco, Sicily, among others. molts d'altres llocs.

Transfer conditions:


  • The documentation of the boat will have to be up to date and have in good conditions the necessary basic security material that is required ​_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673 certificat de navigability_el.

  • It is essential to buy a valid insurance policy.

  • The boat and its equipment must be in good standing for navigation


  • The shipowner will have to sign a transport authorization authorizing al patron to carry the vessel to its destination.


  • The data of lliurament of the vaixell in the destinació, podrà variar of the one that s'hagi acordat per causes meteorológiques. In this case, navigation is forced in adverse conditions that could damage the boat and peril the crew. You will always opt for a safe navigation according to the criteria of the employer.


  • The skipper will carry the logbook up to date to leave a record of all who have passed in the navigation.

  • The patron will accredit the shipowner his six academic and professional training with his curriculum vitae and a copy of his six professional qualifications. Because the shipowner puts his ship in the hands of whom he poses.

Transport cost:


  • The cost of transportation is calculated based on the miles of distance. The price per mile is €4.50 if the distance is not greater than 200 miles and €4 from 200 to 1000 miles. For distances greater than 1000 miles, a custom press post is necessary.


  • The increases in fuel consumption will always encourage the owner's career. Així com les despeses d'escales en ports previstes segons la ruta o per emergències mecàniques o canvis en les previsions_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_meteorologiques. Així with possible expenses in repairing damages or some material that the boat needs.


  • The departures of the patron's displacement to the place of departure and the return to the origin encourage the shipowner's càrrec.



Payment conditions:


  • A payment of 50% of the pressupost abans of the assortment will be made.


  • In the event that the payment of 50% was not sufficient to pay the expenses calculated by transportation, such as for port calls or supplies, it will be a calculation of these expenses and the amount of the payment to be made prior to the shipment will be agreed..

  • Once the ship arrives at its destination, the shipowner will pay the remaining part of the shipping cost. The skipper will deliver de all the invoices for the shipments of the trasllat  (fuel, port calls, etc.).


 For more information or requests you have in contact with Dani Muñoz.


+34 607 79 47 11

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